Friday, December 4, 2009

Orders list

Azlina : PAID c.o.d serdang
cm835 900/700
cm834 900/700

Wahida : PAID c.o.d gombak
bt02 brown 1.50/1.50
bt02 grey plano

Sa'ra : PAID pos laju
gng i fax brown 5.25/5.25
gng i fax brown 2.00/2.00

Farah Izyan : PAID c.o.d ampang
ck105 plano
cm 901 2.50/2.75

Dija PAID : c.o.d keramat
bt02 brown plano

Eila Samat : PAID c.o.d gombak
bt02 brown plano
ch624 100/100

Azlina : PAID c.o.d serdang
cm901 plano
cm901 1.50/1.50
cm903 4.00/4.00
cm903 1.50/1.50

Chu : PAID Pos Express
Teary Brown ( 3.25/3.25 )
Nudy Brown ( 3.25/3.25 )
Nudy Brown ( 4.00/4.00 )
Teary Grey ( 0.75/1.00 )
CM 901 ( 1.50/1.50 )

Ayunda : PAID C.O.D
Ash Wing ( plano )

bye : PAID Pos Express
bt 02 brown ( 2.50/2.50 )

azlina: PAID C.O.D

cm834 (1.50/1.50)
fc725 ( 1.50/1.50)
fc724 ( 1.50/1.50)

noraida: PAID C.O.D
cm903 ( 3.00/3.00)

yatt: PAID C.O.D
1 CM901 ( 3.00/3.00)

lina: PAID C.O.D
1 CH 624 (1.50/1.50)
2 dm21 grey (1.50/1.50)
3 mx 21 aqua (1.50/1.50)
4 mx 21 green (1.50/1.50)
5 fc724 (2.25/2.25)
6 Rx View ( 2.25/2.25)

Fara: PAID C.O.D
1 mx21 Brown (1.00/1.00)
2 mx21 violet ( 1.00/0)

Aishah: PAID C.O.D
1 Fc 725 ( 2.50/2.25)
2 Rx View ( 2.50/2.25)

DM21 brown ( 1.50/1.50)

Terms and Conditions

All prices DO NOT include postage.
Postage is to be borne by the buyer. Delivery service is available worldwide.

*All orders are confirmed with payments.

*Ready stock need to wait for 2-5 days. ( depends on the location for POS Laju/Express and the day you confirmed your order )

*Pre-order need to wait approximately 14-30days for item to reach after order had been placed.

*This is for serious buyer only. Please do not place an order if you cannot wait.

*All price are FINAL. No negotiation.

*Please make payment in 3 days after you had received our invoice/confirmation order from us. We will cancel your order if you make late payment.

*Do NOTIFY me via email@sms once you have bank in the payment to my account by giving me the timing, bank note no, total amount etc.. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your order(because I do not know whether you have made ur payment)

*Goods sold are not refundable or exchangeable. Please decide clearly before placing an order.
*Seller will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the courier/delivery. Please check your items before you sign the slips from postmen. However, if you are worried about pos delivery, we do provide some meet up point to deliver the goods hand-to-hand to you too. Please refer to your hand to hand location as stated in the DELIVERY.

DELIVERY- C.O.D (hand to hand) POST ( pos laju@pos express)



You can choose either to accept goods by hand or by post.
But there are only a few places that will be reached by hand as I am staying in Gombak,Selangor.
Please refer to the details below for more information.

Thank You.

simply send me an email to

sms @ 013 3883079

By stating the following details..

C.O.D ( by hand ) or POST ( pos laju@pos express )

For C.O.D ( by hand )

Please state your preferred location: (refer to location listed below)

Recipient Name:
Full Address:
Contact number:
Item code:
Power(For Lens only): Example, 0/0 or 400/500

Hand-to-Hand Location Venue Available:

MidValley - RM5
KL Sentral - RM5
Serdang - RM5
Shah Alam - RM5
Ampang - RM 5
Pandan Indah - RM 5
Terminal Putra -

Wangsa Maju LRT - FREE
Batu Caves -
Gombak - FREE
Putrajaya - RM 10
Bangi - RM 10

For POST kindly sent details to me as follow:

Recipient Name:
Full Address:
Contact number:
Item code:
Power(For Lens only): Example, 0/0 or 400/500
Delivery method: Pos laju/Pos Express

Shipping Fees are as below :

Peninsular Malaysia : RM5

Sabah/Sarawak : RM8

(kindly check with me for other places)


Paid today post out tomorrow.

Kindly note that all orders are confirmed with payments. ( including C.O.D )

This is to avoid fake orders as I have experienced it so many times. Kindly understand.

Kindly pay or bank in to:

Maybank 114227050668

Husna binti Najid

Once paid kindly leave your details such as:



hp no:

paid amount:

time bank in:

to or sms me @ 016 690 1292

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation,interest and your patience.